Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Storms and Such.

Its doesn't matter how hot it gets, its never really summer until are afternoon storms arrive. Everyday, usually around four o'clock, it gets dark and the lightening and thunder start, and then it pours. Its my favorite part of summer. I've thought about doing a video clip just so you non-Floridians see what a real storm is like. Yesterdays rain included hurricane force winds that took down several huge live oaks.
Megan has been hanging out here during the days and we've been watching Chuck together. She had never watched it before and started from the beginning. I love that show.

Brewiers job in Auberndale ended yesterday, so is is looking for another interim position.

I have made an appointment to get my root canal-ed tooth extracted in July. Most of my health problems began shortly after I had the root canal done, and both my Dr. and dentist agree something needs to be done about it. Once you start researching root canals, you wonder why any one would have one done.

Tomorrow is Jessicas birthday and her due date. Every time the phone rings I'm certain it her calling to tell me she is in labor. Usually it is Addison asking me if she can come to my house and party.
Tomorrow is also the day that the Harry Potter theme park opens. Yes I am a dork.

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