Thursday, June 03, 2010

I'd really like to get back to daily blogging, but often I truly don't have much to blog about. for example: Today I had to be at the cardiologists at 7:45. When they told me that was my appointment time, I believed them. At 8:10 I was still waiting and asked the receptionist how much longer it would be, since my appointment was at 7:45. She said, " Oh you have to be here at 7;45, but your appointment time is 8:00." I have an 8:45 apointment with them tomorrow, I don't plan on being there until 9:00.
My appointment, (how many times can I use that word in one blog post?) today was for a heart monitor. Whoever wore it before me used fabric softener and the monitor and all the cords reek causing me to have trouble breathing. Thankfully I only wear it until tomorrow when I have my stress test and echo cardiogram done.
On my way home from the heart center I stopped by Greg and Melisssas and picked up the boys. We came home, made popcorn and watched, "Grease;" its such a perfect summer movie and always takes me back to when I first saw it in high school. The boys love this movie and Gator thinks he is Danny. He is his Daddy's boy.
The rest of the day I spent doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, you know, exciting stuff that everyone wants to read about.


Vickie said...

sheesh your too young for heart problems. I am praying for them to find it is nothing serious. And I am looking forward to coffee with you too.

Vickie said...

that was supposed to be you're too young but I'm exhausted from the heat and working late..