Friday, May 21, 2010

There is a Huge Pile of Asphalt in Front of My House.

And a vat of tar in my yard. The roads around my house have all been graded to once again be repaved, a process that nearly killed me, (literally,) a year and a half ago. Its no wonder I'm so sick.
I spent yesterday and part of today Tampa with Jessica and the girls. I went shopping a Target both days, I could breath and had energy. Ten minutes after arriving home, my eyes and throat are swelling shut and I'm struggling to breathe.


Anyone Out There said...

Of all the houses that they had to choose to do that to why yours of all people? I am praying for you.

hilltopper said...

leave home. go somewhere else, anywhere else! (ky?)

~T said...

Ridiculous in so many ways. You do need to get out of there!