Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'd like to see this movie. I've been thinking about giving birth a lot lately. Not me giving birth, but our country in general and how it has been turned into an unnatural medical procedure, and how stressed out a fearful that has made women. Actually, I think our nation has a really skewed mindset not just on childbirth but child rearing.


Kathleen said...


i can't wait to see this movie, too!

and if i had a penny for everyone who thought i was crazy for having natural childbirth with a midwife (gasp!!!) i would be rich.
i even had a doctor roll his eyes and call me a brave woman. jerkee...

i could go on and on about this topic, my friend.

i look forward to your movie review!

Moo said...

Is it out already? It looks really neat!