Friday, April 30, 2010

Maybe I Can Blame It On Sleep Deprivation.

Why? Why do I wake up every night at 4am? 4-5 hours of sleep is not enough! That is why I'm blaming sleep deprivation on the state of my family room wall. It started out when one of my pictures fell off the wall and broke in the middle of the night.


Now I have spare frames, but I want so badly to change the look of this room. What I'd really love to be able to do is repaint. Its been this color for EIGHT YEARS. Thats like 50 years in Tricia time. Back when I was least more normal that now, I used to redecorate and change the color of my walls every year or so. I love to paint.* Sigh.* (Yeah, so I've been very melancholy this week, remembering the the first half of the '90's when life was golden, but back to the wall of shame.)

So the picture fell of and despite having a replacement frame I decided the only way to change the look of my room was to take the plunge and remove all the pictures. This is a more drastic decision than it sounds because the frames were held in place with sticky backed velcro that I stuck and staple gunned to the wall.



After removing the staples and velcro, along with paint and some drywall, I'm left with a wall that looks like this.


And it has looked like this for two weeks now, mocking me and making me sad. I just might have to get more velcro and stick the same old frames back up again.


Jane said...

You like to paint?
By choice you repainted every year?

It's going to take the rest of the morning to wrap my mind around that.

~T said...

(((Tricia))) I feel your pain... I started to paint a room in November... it is still 3 colors (and looks awful I might add) because I didn't like the first color, or the second color, but you can see the original color in places still too! I don't know what to do with it!

Linda said...

I need to repaint several areas in my home which have marks on them from traffic. I actually have the paint, now I just need to do it. The color is just a boring white.

mrsmouthy said...

Wait, so if 8 years is 50 in Tricia time, that makes you how old?