Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Make My Husband Sick.

Not intentionally. In fact I am trying to make him healthy through the magical power of green smoothies. I've come to enjoy and actually crave them; Brewier tolerates them. I've been reading about how wonderful avocados are when put in a smoothie, and I like avocados and happened to have one in the fridge so along with some spinach, asparagus, mango and banana, I threw in the avocado.
I thought I was going to barf.
Brewier suggested putting some orange juice in and that did make it palatable but we've both agreed we'd rather have our avocado in guacamole. Despite the fact we had this smoothie 6 hours ago, Brewier is still not feeling so good and has gone to sleep it off.


Linda said...

I love smoothies but just with fruit and I don't think I could have had an avocado in my smoothie either. I'm with you on the guacamole.

hilltopper said...

if he has to "sleep it off" i am wondering if you maybe, inadvertantly added, oh, i dont know, kentucky bourbon.

Marissa said...

Oh you just freaked me out. Ok, I made a supremely yummy quinoa salad last night with avocado and will be posting as soon as I can get the pic uploaded (it is at home and I am sadly at work). I make a raw chocolate pudding with avocado, it isn't for everyone but I LOVE it.
I think you might prefer it with more dates, or also you can use prunes but it takes even more of them.