Monday, April 05, 2010

I Forgot It Was April 1st.

Brewier drove over to Tampa Wednesday to bring Addison home to stay with us for a few days. She is all about dressing up and being a princess.

Watching The Little Mermaid is serious business. (This is a dress up outfit I made for Megan when she was Addisons age.)



That evening when I went to Addsions overnight bag to get her pajamas, this piece of paper was rolled up on top. I thought it must be a drawing or a growth chart that Jessica wanted me to see.


It wasn't.


Ray has had this poster since he was a little boy and was going to throw it out. Jessica had other plans for it. We all had a good laugh except for Addison. I asked her, "Is it creepy?" To which she rightfully replied, "Yes. Its always creepy."


Jenn said...

I do not blame her. Sweet addison. I do NOT like clowns...

hilltopper said...

not what you expected!! hahaha

D doesnt like clowns either...or the easter bunny.

Kimberly said...

Wanted to let you know that I bought a HP inkjet printer at WalMart for $29. Black ink is $13 and color is $18, or you can buy a combo pack for $30. Now I can print labels, shrinky dinks, and craft stuff that I couldn't print on Roger's laser printer!

Brewier said...

Does anyone really like clowns?