Monday, April 26, 2010

Going Backwards Here.

Today Brewier cleaned out the garage and in doing so came across one of his treasure filled bins. In it was this very cool map which he and Megan researched and found out it was published on October 20 1942. I love the colors in it and would like to be able to get it framed.


Sunday morning was gorgeous so we took our breakfast to Kraft Park. Half way through our meal we started hearing a bagpipe so when we were done eating we went and investigated.


This is Harlan and he started playing 20 years ago when he retired from G.E. He wanted something challenging to learn and after explaining to us how to play a bagpipe, I don't think he could have made a better choice. It is definitely not an instrument for the uncoordinated.


Friday I watched Gator and Sam. We started the day at 6am with a movie and popcorn then played with Legos, the doll house, (which I made them dust,) and crafted.



Last week I also had two crowns put on my teeth, visited Jessica, went to the Dr. a couple of times, found out the thermostat on my oven is broken which is why nothing has been baking like it should, and we replaced our water heater which broke and started pouring water into our garage while we were at the store.

Yep, that pretty much wraps up last week.


Linda said...

I love maps. I'm always looking at them seeing where in the world I want to visit. We have a mysterious leak in our house which we can't find the source of. I'm afraid it will involve digging up a floor or into a wall.

Anonymous said...

I was about to write, "That was the perfect week," and then I came to your last paragraph. So I'll say, "That was an almost perfect week!"

hilltopper said...

if i call my house "the doll house" would they come dust it?

Greg Pflug said...

give them boys lots of kisses. I can't even begin to explain how much I miss them.