Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Sunday I'm going to get to meet another blog friend live and in person! Allison was one of the first bloggers I followed; I can't even remember how I found her. She no longer blogs, but I get a lovely Christmas card from her every year and we are Facebook friends.
The tricky part about meeting new people is that I have to impart a list of, "Please do not," before they visit. Please don't use perfume, sprays, lotions...etc before you visit. The tricky part is that unless a product states that it is fragrance free, it has fragrance in it. Everything has fragrance added...even mascara! Its crazy. So along with the list, I also have to tell people that I might have to ask them to leave if I start to have trouble breathing.
Jessica explains it best by saying, "You wouldn't give a person with peanut allergies anything with peanuts in it, would you?"
Its not personal, it's perfume. (I said that in my best Godfather voice.)
At any rate, Allison has accepted the challenge, and come Sunday I will get to at least meet her and her husband Brian!

*Just to educate you further in the world of fragrance, a product that says, "unscented," still has fragrance in it. Only "fragrance free," means fragrance free.*


hilltopper said...

going fragrance free is a small price to pay for a devoted friend.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could ask people the same thing when they hold Rocco. It's so weird to look down and see him nursing on my boob when he smells so distinctly like my FIL instead of his sweet, milky self.