Thursday, April 01, 2010

Added to the List

Of things I shouldn't do at 3:30 am; trying to cut my own hair. Yikes. I need help.

I've been stalking this blog for awhile now...can't remember how I found it; but the Burch family has got to be the coolest family out there.

Why do I have so much trouble putting things in my Etsy shop? I was all gung ho and took pictures and then my energy faded. I know one of the problems is I get overwhelmed at the part about mailing the packages. The post office is one of those places I can't go. They are firm believers in using Lysol on everything. P-U. Also, I always underestimate how much postage will be and have been known to lose money :( How else can I get rid of my vintage treasures?

I've been up since 3am...I think I'll try to go back to sleep now and not to think about the fact that McDonalds has fresh brewed coffee made.


Brewier said...

Your hair looks great honey!

hilltopper said...

use the flat rate boxes, the last 2 things i have ordered from etsy have come flat rate.

you should get some of those nest pins up there! everyone thinks its so cute.

Home Tex Shop said...
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