Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its Nice to Have a Husband Who Loves Chocolate as Much as I Do.

After dinner Brewier returned to his idol....I mean computer, as I searched for something sweet to eat. Finding nothing, (because I'm trying not to keep sweets around,) I go to Brewier and say, "We should go to Whole Foods and get some chocolate." He perks up and says, "When? Are you ready to go?!"
I now know the secret of getting him away from the internet!
Our loot:



Jessica said...

My eyes immediately saw "peppermint" & I thought that was my favorite. Then, it went to "coffee" & then it went to "almonds & sea salt." I can't pick a favorite!

Tricia said...

Jess, thats why I bought all three :)

hilltopper said...

almonds and sea salt!!!! yum!!! i have never had that combo with chocolate!

as you can see im very excited about it. i am going to keep my eye out for that.

megan said...

I want them ALL

mrsmouthy said...

You're lucky! My husband would go for a lemonhead over chocolate any day.