Sunday, February 07, 2010

Slow Weekend, Random Photo

Brewier and I haven't been feeling up to par this weekend, so we've had a pretty restful couple of days...except for al the anxiety I'm having about going to the dentist tomorrow to have two amalgam fillings removed and 2 crowns put in. I've had a painfully cracked tooth for 3 -4 years now, I've tried to have it taken care of before, but something always happens and I can't breathe at the Dentists office. So tomorrow Brewier will once again drive me all the way over to Clearwater and we'll give this another shot.
Taking a cue from Monica I'm posting the third photo in my Photobucket account...from years ago. Megan cleaning out a pumpkin...don't you love the glove?


Sarah said...

Awww, Megan's so cute! :-)

I hope the dentist visit goes well. I'll be praying!

mrsmouthy said...

Is that a GE dishwasher? It looks exactly like one that we bought 5 years ago and it went so completely kaput that we had to get a new one this winter. I'm just curious if it was just us...