Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Love Apple care.

I Fed Exed my computer late Wednesday afternoon, and Friday morning while still in my pajamas, it was fixed and delivered to my doorstep.
Its very nice to have a computer that doesn't mess up everything I type. I realize that was yet another reason I haven't been blogging. It was very discouraging to be typing along and then look at my screen and it was a garbled mess. But now that its fixed, I feel like I have a new computer.
This is Brewier and mines anniversary weekend and we normally go to the beach. For the second year in a row its too's 42 degrees out! Instead I'm baking a chocolate cake and I'm sure we'll snuggle and watch a movie later this afternoon. I have to confess, I'm enjoying having an actual winter.


Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy the cuddle:)

Jane said...

Hello? Your 'puter is fixed. Why are you not blogging?