Friday, February 05, 2010


Maybe its a sickness? I really enjoy cleaning and organizing my home. I felt the same way about my bedroom when I was younger...I just really enjoy both the process and the result. Today Brewier was up and getting ready to leave for work at 2am. Yes. 2am. He couldn't sleep and figured he might as well get a start to his day. They do not pay this man enough. Because I'm such a light sleeper and because of my unique sleeping arrangement which I love so much I might just keep it that way forever; when Brewier is awake, so am I. Sooo, I started cleaning my kitchen and mopping my floors in the middle of the night. I went back to bed around 6:30 and slept until the garbage men woke me at 8:30. I've been nesting ever since. I have ironing that needs to be done, and baking, as well as reading the manual to my fancy shmancy camera, but today, I'm going with the flow.
And now I'm off to make a pot of coffee, not because I want to drink it, but because its raining outside and I want my nice clean house to smell like Starbucks.


~T said...

And, yes, her bedroom was ALWAYS spotless. ALWAYS!! =)

Sarah said...

I need one of you at my house. Ugh. The laundry alone is about to swallow me... I'm so tired.