Saturday, January 09, 2010

Its 2010??

I was going to make a resolution to update my blog daily, but I got sick 2 days after Christmas, and am still trying to get over this virus. Its hard to blog when all you do is lie on the sofa and watch back to seasons of "Friends," cough and blow your nose.
I still haven't used my new camera because I haven't felt like reading the instruction book, but Megan tried it out and says its very nice. Megan has been cooking for me while I've been sick and its amazing how much better I felt once I started eating something other than peanut butter toast.
Hopefully I'll figure out how to use my camera by this afternoon so I can take photos of the snow and sleet they are predicting for this morning. Here. In Orlando.


spicyapplepie said...

oh honey don't be hard on yourself, just blog when you can, it sounds like you are doing just the right thing to nurse yourself back to health, who wouldn't want to be watching episodes of Friends, I love it!

We are sitting out a severe weather warning here in the South of the UK, first snow for years! It has been a wonderful atmosphere here since the snow, our community has come alive, with people helping each other! It is fantastic.

Get well soon!

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...


I recently discovered your three blogs and have enjoyed reading all the archives (right now, I'm at April 2007 on your main blog). We have a few things in common: I live in Florida (Tampa), homeschool, and have an annoying chronic illness.

I'm sorry you're so sick right now and hope you feel better soon. I look forward to seeing your photos from your new camera.


Tricia said...

Mrs Happy Housewife, I visited your blog but it would allow me to comment:(