Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I was talking to Sarah on the phone while packing my lunch for work this morning, when a sudden gust of wind freed my patio umbrella from its stand and set it air born over the roof. I ran outside but didn't see it anywhere, so I peekd into the back yard. Nope not there. I walked around the neighborhood a bit, visions of lawsuits dancing through my head. The umbrella was gone. I went back into the house and thought I'd check the backyard and the roof again. My umbrella had found a new home, hanging off of the roof and shading the bird of paradise. I'm hoping this wind brings a cold front; its so hot and humid!


Sarah said...

Oh wow!! I'm so glad you found it and it hadn't killed some unsuspecting neighbor!

Linda said...

I've read about the big storm in the States. It looks like it's going to be huge. I've had my umbrella in my pool several times.

mrsmouthy said...

You could write a book called "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Umbrella" now.