Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Craft Room

I'm never in it. Its basically a giant closet where I store all my supplies, many of them that I just need to get rid of.I have waaaay to much stuff. I'd like to make it into a studio/guest room and have been thinking of inexpensive ways to do that. I think I'd like to get a couple of metal shelves, and use them for unified storage, and whatever doesn't fit on the shelves goes. See how nice they can look.

Then I'd like to set up a bed that looks like this. I love those colors.

And of course, curtains and a new wall color would be a must.
Hey, a girl can dream.


Amy said...

You could play tricks on people by sneaking in and unlocking the wheels on the bed so they'd slide around the room.

Sarah said...

I love it! And I agree with Amy... so much fun... can you imagine going to sleep and waking up with the bed on the other end of the room? :-)

hilltopper said...

nice, i love the repurposing going on in this room.

Meg Kat said...

i'm in love with each of those pictures!

for 2 seconds i was insanely excited because i totally thought the first photos WAS your craft room since the wall, window and table placement are exactly the same. oh well.

Tricia said...

Meg, every time I come to my blog and see that first picture I get excited because I think it is my craft room, then realize, no I haven't changed it yet. My mom did tell me she has a twin bed for the room though!