Thursday, December 10, 2009

Because I'm Just So Fascinating,

here are some more random facts.
- I see everything as a potential craft project. Branches in the street, broken furniture in the neighbors trash, grocery lists found on the ground..they all have limitless potential to me.

- Brewier and I have been married nearly 29 years, yet whenever we go to his family reunions, people always ask who that woman with him is. Nobody ever remembers who I am.

-This is why I get really excited when people friend me, or accept my friend request on Facebook. Because I was at my high school for only two years, I figured no one would remember who I was.

-I was born to wear high heels.


hilltopper said...

i just dont know HOW they could forget you!

c.g. said...

I agree with hilltopper...How could they forget you!

Perhaps, they are just jealous of your fabulous legs! :-)