Friday, November 06, 2009

Today I Broke My Own Rule.

I started watching Christmas movies. The windows are open, its a cool 78 degrees out, hence it feels like Christmas. I'm also wanting happy things to counteract the selfish craziness of the world. I'm so glad I picked Megan up this morning to spend the day with me because the shooting that happened is walking distance from her house.
Brewier should be home in couple of hours, YAY! Tomorrow we are spending the day in Tampa visiting Jessica and the girls :)

And these were the pics for my post today today which really aren't appropriate now, but this morning they were REALLY funny. I'm posting them anyway because I'll forget about the pictures if I don't, and like I said, this morning they were really funny.

My neighbors with the flamingos had this set up for Halloween:




And Megan and I both broke out in laughter at this pest control truck:


Come on people, its FUNNY.


Amy said...

The good thing about not watching the news is that I didn't know there had been a shooting. Scary place, America! The rest of the world says this in order to comfort themselves- we know it happens everywhere else too :(
The flamingoes - hilarious.

Rusty said...

Haha those Flamingos are hilarious! Some people just have such creativity!

Vickie said...

Funny that 78 degrees makes us think it's Christmas time

Sarah said...

Those flamingos are definitely funny! As is the pest control vehicle. :-) Thanks for sharing.

spicyapplepie said...

those flamingos are great! 78 degrees would have us all clamouring for the beach! We are only just around double figures here, 10 degrees c! and they tell us it is exceptionally warm!

I can't imagine having a shooting locally, it must be terrible.