Thursday, November 19, 2009

They're Magic Shoes!

Yes, I kept the shoes, thanks for helping me that decision. I do need to buy a few things to wear with them, something like this?


Maybe if I were 25 years younger. As it is I wore my shoes to work, with this outfit. Nothing special, I've worn the cropped pants and white shirt before, but...


put that outfit with my new shoes and magic happens. People, okay men, went out of their way to open doors for me and say hi, the women I worked with all told me how they liked my shoes and how good I looked, the traffic lights all turned green as I approached....Ok, that might be stretching it a bit, but I've decided that I'm never taking these shoes off.


Jessica said...

I love magic shoes...I bet they work with the magic dress!

Brewier said...

Oh yeah. Get that dress.

Sarah said...

Jess... magic shoes ALWAYS work with the magic dress! And amazing shoes really do have the power to turn lights green. Flowers smell better, colors are brighter, life is happier.

And I have to say - I'm kind of with Brewier - you could totally pull off that dress. Plus I have that sweater you could borrow (or one like it)!