Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have no idea how Jessica manages to work, teach piano, take care of the kids and is still able to blog. Its 4:30am and Addison is asleep, that's the only reason I am able to be online. And I know I'll sooooo be regretting this when shes awake and I'm sleep deprived. Don't get me wrong.
Addison is a very well trained little girl. Polite, obedient, helpful, and Jessica did an awesome job of training her to go down for naps and bedtime without any fussing but...
the girl NEVER stops talking. Never. Ever. You know what I'm talking about here Sarah.
It's exhausting. And my ears hurt

But my heart melts for this sweet little girl.



aliann said...

ha ha, I know exactly what you mean. It's amazing how tiring just listening can be!

Amy said...

That's so funny Tricia! My Bethany is exactly the same and she is five! If you ask her to stop talking she'll just launch into a long speech about not talking - it's pathological.

Kathleen said...

hee. laughing here!

love the photo, too!