Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't You Wish He Was Your Brother?

Whenever he is off on his adventures, my baby brother Greg, calls me. He has pictures of himself from all over the world talking to me on a payphone. Now not only does he call, but he brings me gifts. I have opossum nipple warmers form New Zealand, Sterling silver ant earrings from Mexico, wine from everywhere, and whenever he is near a Trader Joes, he brings me all kinds of goodies. This is what he gave me this week, from his trip from....well, I can't remember. He goes so many places. Look at this frame! It is covered in vintage matchbooks! Greg said when he saw it he knew I would like it; I love it!


He also gave me this HUGE bar of chocolate, perfect for sharing.


Gifts aside, he's a pretty sweet brother who would do anything for me. I love you Greg.


Amy said...

I love my little brothers too. When we were young? Not so much.

hilltopper said...

cool frame!

melissa said...

Wow! I wish he was my brother!

Greg Pflug said...

I've discovered that I have always lived under Hebrews 13:1-2
Love you to.

mrsmouthy said...

Wow. Opposum nipple warmers? Wow.