Friday, November 20, 2009

Auntie Em, Toto, Its a Twister!

Looks that way, doesn't it?


Its my craft room. I had to remove all the shelves from the closet along with a pressed wood storage piece because the chemicals in those things were making me sick. So I'm left with this. I open the door with the intention of try to some how organize it all, I stand gazing at the mess for a few minutes, then turn around and close the door. With out shelves, there is no where to put everything!
Despite the mess, I was able to make a path to my sewing machine to make this:

I bought this big purple cashmere sweater at a garage sale for $1, and made this wrap from it. (I'll have it on my craft blog next week.)
Don't I look like I'm trying to solve the worlds problems in that picture? Actually I had no idea Megan was taking a pic showing my face and my thinking was more along the lines of, "I wonder if McDonalds has any fresh coffee made?"


hilltopper said...

cozy! what did you do with the arms? hats for the girlies?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is beautiful! Looks so nice with your white shirt and jeans.

Heidi P.

Amy said...

I love this wrap Tricia! I wish I could sew....

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I've never tried McD's coffee, but you mention it so often I think I'm going to have to try it one of these days...and I BETTER not be disappointed.