Friday, October 16, 2009

This is Not a Black and White Photo.

Its what Ky looks like in the winter..or fall, though its really more winter like here. Isn't this a perfectly creepy Haloween tree? There had been three big buzzards sitting in it, but I guess they're camera shy.


Brewier is on his way back to Ky so that I will have a car; then he flies home Monday and starts his job on Tuesday. Whenever Brewier visits his mother, she makes a jam cake, sometimes two.
(If you look close you can see the Maxwell House instant coffee jar on the counter.)


There is blackberry jam in the recipe so both the batter and finished cake are purple.


I think Alma kind of liked me taking pictures of her baking, though she kept telling me she wasn't Betty Crocker. Do you see all the icing on the cake?


No, really. Do you see ALL THAT ICING? Its the only reason she and Brewier eat the cake. I think she could just make him a big bowl of icing and he'd be happy.



Sarah said...

Wow. just... wow. I'm happy about Brewier's job. Are you staying there the whole time? I sure miss you, but I am glad you can breathe. Praying for your health.

Greg Pflug said...

Bring home a jam cake made by Alma for me please. I'm certain she has never heard of Hemp Seed Butter, tofu, or flax seed. God bless that fine women.

hilltopper said...

YUM!!! i dont think i have ever eaten a purple cake before.

Darla said...

How far are you from Knoxville, maybe Henry and I need to take a road trip up on a weekend to see you.

Julianna said...

Oh My Goodness, that cake! I have those same plates she has the cake sitting on. (Which I inherited from my mother) I know they've got to be from the 60's. Tip for the Maxwell House: add more spoonfuls then the directions say. It should taste a little bit stronger!

connie said...

I'm "coming out of hiding" to comment today. I've been reading your blog a few months now~coming from your daughter Jessica's blog actually. For 1 reason or another (most times busy w/my 2 boys), I haven't ever commented. I love reading your blog~some of your posts literally leave me laughing out loud! And, you're so very hip~I just love your sense of style :) And I LOVE how involved you are w/your grandbabies! My mom has only seen my youngest son ONCE when he was 18 months old (& we had to go to her house for that to happen!)~he's 4 1/2 now. She's only seen my oldest son who's 13 a handful of times. Anyway, I just think it's so awesome that you're so involved in your children & grandchildren's lives :)

I'm glad that you're able to breathe a little better while @ your husband's Mom's. She looks like such a sweet lady. I don't know if I could handle all that icing on that cake, lol~~can we say MAJOR sugar rush??? :)

I have a blog but I haven't posted since Feb.( don't have time these days, busy w/my 2 boys but I do have a facebook & would love to be friends~if you "facebook". If that's ok w/you~I'll email my facebook name to you.

Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of icing! Blackberry jam in cake sounds yummy.

Tricia said...

Darla, Brewier says I'm 3-4 hours from you. Map Carrollton, Ky and you'll see where I am.

Julianna, Thanks for the tip on the Maxwell House, I'll give it a try :)

Connie, I've sent you an email!

Kathleen said...

oh gosh. gosh! gosh!
i am drooling all over the keys as i type. that CAKE LOOKS YUMMY!
man oh man.

love your new blog banner, btw. and really love your new profile pic! you ARE fabulous!

Linda said...

I'm with Brewer-the cake is just a vehicle for the icing. I love icing.

mrsmouthy said...

I heart Alma.