Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Stuff, Because its Wednesday and Wednesday is a Random Kind of Day.

How cool is this wine cellar? I've never gotten my childhood dream of having a trap door and a secret passage way in my house. Seriously, I think I need this, though I'd have to move out of Florida to have it. Dig a hole in the kitchen floor here and you'd have an indoor swimming pool.


Why didn't I think of this? I need one of these, just think, no more stopping and lowering the bowl of my Kitchen Aid, to scrape the sides.


Oh how I wish I had a photo to go along with this bit of randomness. Sunday while Monica and I were at Lumber Mill Antiques, she wandered into a section of the store where larger items such as vintage sinks, pink toilets and large pieces of furniture are on display, and what did she come across but a man standing in front of one of the mirrors, Bic razor in hand, shaving. I would have gone a taken a picture, but that part of the store is to aromatic for me.


connie said...

That wine cellar is awesome!! But what's more sweet to me is the sideswipe spatula accessory. I have a KitchenAid mixer & I bookmarked this so that I can get one for myself ;)

Have a great day :)

Caroline said...

I also bookmarked that page. How awesome is that sideswipe thingie???? Love it! Also, dear, was browsing Etsy for Christmas gifts today and seem to remember you saying you were taking pictures of stuff for you Etsy shop. But there is no stuff! Geez.

Vickie said...

I want a secret passage.
Where do you get that thing for the mixer?

Kimberly said...

We had a trap door in Ohio. It went down into the root cellar. I didn't think anything of the square on the floor, until one day when I saw it open. I remember looking down into that hole! I started going out of my way, trying not to step on the door!
My mom was afraid to go down in there, so when I got bigger, my job was to retrieve canned goods from the cellar! I didn't mind, I would go extra slow, so that I could get a good long look at everything!

Tricia said...

Vickie, there is a link in the paragraph above the pic of the beater.
(the blue, "this") Or duh...i could just give you the link.