Wednesday, October 14, 2009


How lazy you ask? My bum hurts from sitting all day long. Seriously! It really hurts! I guess I could get up and do something, but....I've caught up on all my blog reading. I've watched endless hours of HGTV. Its been kind of nice. (Not that my life at home is much different.)
This is where we spend our day. Alma works crossword puzzles and naps. I've already told you what I do.


This is the view from the window next to my chair. See that house in the distance? It's their wifi I'm mooching. Thank you dear neighbors for preserving my sanity.


Here are the trees on this rainy day. Their leaves are starting to fall already!


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Sarah said...

Ahhhh.... sounds wonderful. I wish my bum hurt. But my legs hurt from walking in high heels. I wanna watch HGTV!!! :-)