Friday, October 09, 2009

Ahhhh, Fall.

Megan called to tell me that Orlando is having record breaking temperatures this week. I'm posting pictures of this tree across the road from Brewiers moms house, for my friends and family who are trapped and melting in FL. The colors on these trees intensify daily. Our first day here saw blue skies and warm temps, but the past two days have been grey and rainy and wonderful. It was the perfect morning to go to Madison and sit and have coffee with Monica. We got so busy talking I forgot to take any pictures:(

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three:



Sarah said...

Wow!! So gorgeous. And yes, we are melting... ugh.

Vickie said...


pk said...

Glorious ! Wahhhhhhh. hugs

Just say Julie said...

Our leaves don't change color here. They just fall of the trees overnight, and boom, it's winter. Enjoy you're get away to cooler temps!

reneenix said...

Thanks for the fall colors. It helps.