Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eight Days.

That's how long its been since I left my house. I think, (hope and pray,) that I'm at the tail end of this virus. You know I read blogs where the authors talk about being sick, and while they are sick they make quilts, read books, or solve the problem of world hunger. I lay on the sofa barely moving and watch programs on Hulu all day and most of the night, because sleeping when I'm sick is something that illudes me. I love Hulu, and I love the television show, Greek. This is where I hang my head in embarrassed shame. Its about fraternities and sororities and all the drinking, sex and back stabbing that happens among the houses. Its bad....and oh so campy. The show takes place at a fictional university in Ohio, but are palm trees tropical plants everywhere. This is the opening shot for the show:

Notice the traveler palms and bird of paradise to the right of the front door. Half way through the first season a comment is made by one the characters saying how strange it is that this part of Ohio is 20 degrees warmer than anywhere else in the state and how it never gets cold there. These kind of statements are then randomly interjected a couple of times every season to explain the climate. One character even says, "Its like we're in California." Which surprise, surprise, is where the show is filmed. While the show airs on ABCFamily, its not a show I would have ever let my kids/teenagers watch, but as an adult it is great entertainment when you are near death.

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