Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yes, I've been cupped. Sounds dirty doesn't it? I went into the Dr's today for an I.V, and then to the acupuncturist. After the acupuncture treatment she heated glass cups and massaged my back with them. It felt SO good; its supposed to help clear up my lungs. This is my back 7 hours after the procedure, so the cup marks and redness have lessened. Looks awful, but really, it doesn't hurt.


Jenn said...

I had that done years ago. It was great!

hilltopper said...

i read about that in a book about midwestern farm life in the 1930's it included alot of home remedies and folk medicine practices. hope it did ALOT of good.

Ahealth said...

Hi came across your blog searching for 'cupping'. Yes you are right, it looks much worse than it feels.

Reason for the search is I am researching the subject, in particular the 'wet' version of cupping which involves removing blood! (and we even have a blog for it at

So if you want to go one up on Gwyneth Paltrow, you might also want to look into wet-cupping (aka hijama, bekam) - I personally would describe it "Probably The Fastest Detox Known to Humankind"!