Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Counting My Blessings.

So...I'm still sick, but sometimes being sick makes you realize just how blessed you are.
I have a husband who takes such good care of me. He makes me tea, juices for me, gives me back rubs, and makes numerous runs to the grocery store to buy whatever I'm craving. One day last week I started craving sushi, so I asked Brewier if he would go to Whole Foods and get some for me. This was not his first trip there that day. I wrote down exactly what I wanted and he was off to do my bidding. A few minutes later he called asking if I had my sushi made with white rice. "No, I only eat brown rice. Thats what they usually have any way," I said. An hour later and Brewier is still not home and I'm getting worried. Whole Foods is less than 5 minutes away from my house. Just as I'm about to call Brewier he walks in the door with my sushi and the kombucha I requested. I told him I was getting worried that he was gone so long. He said that he had to wait for the sushi chef to make brown rice for me, then he had to hunt down an employee to find the kombucha I wanted. This was on a Saturday. In Whole Foods. It is body to body crowded there and Brewier is not a fan of crowds or of Whole Foods. Thats love.

Then there is my dear friend Darlene. She helps me with homeopathic remedies, brings me food, and provides great spiritual encouragement. She also acts as my health coordinator, lining me up for I.V's and acupuncture. Its such a blessing to have a friend who understands when you're too sick to think for yourself, and jumps in to help.

Megan has been my nursemaid since she was eight.(It makes me sad that she doesn't remember me ever being healthy,) Since I've been sick she has been here everyday making me soup, doing laundry and making sure I don't get lonely. She is great at making me laugh, and we all know laughter is the best medicine.

My sweet sister in law Melissa calls to check in on me and brings me my favorite meal from Chipoltle, and little Gregory calls and offers me back rubs and plays songs on his guitar to make me feel better...... Sarah came to visit me on her birthday, bringing me food and flowers....I have friends who pray for me, that means so much! So yes, I still feel crummy but I am one blessed girl.

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Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Eww eww eww. You've been under the weather so long - stay strong. The good news is the weather is cooling down, so you can sip lots of warm tea.