Saturday, September 05, 2009

Because Really Weird Things Happen to Me.

I was standing at my magnifying mirror plucking my eyebrows when it happened. I pulled out one of those hairs that is in some way attached to your nose. My nose started to twitch and itch so I quickly grabbed a piece of toilet paper and blew! I looked down, because admit it, everyone looks after they blow their nose, and there was this fleshy pink blob in the t.p. I did a quick little freak out wondering, "What in the world did I just blow out my nose!?" Just about the time I'm certain I must have a tumor, I realize there is a hole in the toilet paper and the fleshy pink thing is my finger.


Jenn said...

LOL :)

Jessica said...

Totally weird you'd post this today, I just read about a guy that had one of those tumors in his skull that was due to his twin that didn't fully developed. He discovered it because one day he blew his nose & a tooth came out. THAT'S weird.

Sarah said...

Too funny!! Yes, weird things really do happen to you... :-)

Jane said...

For the record, I never look into the kleenex after I've blown.

And I gotta say I was a little grossed out about you describing the contents of yours. That "fleshy pink blob" made me throw up at little bit in my mouth.

Thank goodness your story had a happy ending.