Friday, August 14, 2009


I haven't blogged since Monday?? Maybe I should take "Daily Observations" to heart and commit once again to blogging daily. Thing is, since my sidekick got married and moved out, I have no one to trade witty repartee, or to muse about things I think are funny with. It makes for one boring person/blogger.
I could tell you about my nephew Gator, who sleeps naked except for wool hiking socks, and how I spent 30 minutes on my knees so we could dance cheek to cheek with each other. At five years old he is very serious about ballroom dancing and desperately wants to take lessons. I think its mostly because he likes being pressed up close to a girl and has the belief that dancers ALWAYS kiss on the lips at the end of the dance. He's already a ladies man.
I got to experience body odor for the first time this week. I've never worn deodorant because I've never had body odor, (its a genetic thing. I could wear the same shirt all week, and you would never know it, even if you stuck your nose in the under arm area,) so imagine my surprise while at work I started to smell, "something." I was moving file boxes around and started to get really hot. Then Darlene came in to talk to me and as we were bent over a file drawer together, working side by side, the most unpleasant and sharp odor assaulted my nostrils. At first I thought it was Darlene, and I'm thinking, "Is that Darlene I smell? How am I going to tell my dear friend that she stinks and needs to put on some deodorant?" Then Darlene left and I bent over to lift a file box and realized that horrible smell was coming from ME!
Not me specifically, but from the sweater I was wearing. An in frequently worn sweater a friend gave me, that I didn't wash before wearing. A sweater that had been perspired in and that my body heat was activating! I took the sweater off, washed under my arms, but the smell had transferred to the shirt I was wearing, so all day long, I smelled like somebody else. It was an eye (and nose,) opening experience.

Yesterday I completed a craft project and will be updating my craft blog as soon as I get some pictures taken....and I haven't forgot about updating my Etsy shop. I'm just waiting Megan for a certain someone Megan to take pictures for me.


Kimberly said...

I don't see you Etsy link on the side bar anymore?!?!

hilltopper said...

reminds me of a particular conversation we had over lunch.
the weather will be getting cooler next month.......mmmm....lattes.......are you ready to come back yet?

iphotographu said...

Keep blogging...laughter is the best medicine!