Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here is Gregory embroidering the letter, "G," on a piece of cloth. While he did enjoy learning to do this, he made it very clear that what he really wants to is sew his own clothes. He then led me back to my studio and pointed to the huge pile of fabric on the floor, excitedly telling me I had lots of big pieces lets make some clothes! Its funny the reaction both Sam and Gregory have when the go into my studio. The get glassy eyed, start to shake and have trouble forming words....I'm sure its not unlike what they will be like when they see a girl naked for the first time.

Yesterday while shopping at Costco I bumped into Renee, who had her cart loaded to the top with all kinds of goodies. She was getting ready for a last minute cook out / pool party and invited Brewier and I to join in the fun.


Jessica said...

Now THAT looks like a lot of fun!!!

Just say Julie said...

Looks like quite a group there! I heart pool time, especially with good friends & good food.