Sunday, August 02, 2009

Click Your Heels Together and Repeat After Me,

There's no place like Renee's. There's no place like Renee's. Especially when the temperature is in the triple digits, and the humidity isn't far behind. Friday afternoon I joined Renee and Eva for a most wonderful swim in their pool.If I could change anything about my house, other than remodeling my 40+ year old kitchen, it would be putting in a pool. I love to swim and yet I am one of the few house's in my neighborhood that doesn't have a pool. I present to you exhibit, "A."
"A" being my house on the map; the only house with just grass in the back yard. So sad. No tree's either, as hurricane Charlie took them all.

But enough whining. Much fun was had Friday afternoon splashing in the pool with Renee and Eva. After awhile though we all started looking like prunes so we hopped in the car and hit the Starbucks drive through for Venti iced Mochas. Then we went back to Renee's house, shut out all vestiges of sunlight and did something we've never done in our 20 years of friendship. We watched a movie together. You've Got Mail specifically.

If I knew how to photoshop. I would have painted my nails with the program. As Renee said, "Those don't even look like your feet." And they're all pruney.


reneenix said...

The day was lovely, thank you for memorializing it. However, this was supposed to be a headshot, you promised! I see fat tummy!

Tricia said...

Thats not a fat tummy. Thats a scrunched up tummy from reaching up to put your arm around Eva.