Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tacos and Funny Faces.

I got a call from Greg asking me if I'd like to join him and Gator for a swim at their secret swimming place. Never one to turn down a chance to swim I enthusiastically said yes. We worked up an appetite in the hot sun and decided to go out for tacos. Look at that sweet face.

Here he is enjoying his cow tongue taco. He l-o-v-e-s cow tongue. I tasted it and it really is quite good.
Here's Greg giving his wife the, "eye," and she's returning the look. No need to ask what they were doing that afternoon.

This is Gator pleading for the millionth time for permission to come and live with me. Its an ongoing request and he tries to convince his Mom that it would really be best for everyone if he lived with me. As he explains to her, "Aunt Twicia has no wittle boys to snuggle." He was even willing to compromise telling Melissa he'd even be willing to live with her for two days a week.

And these I had to post . Melissa is an animated conversationalist, and it always makes me smile when I download my photos and see the silly faces this lovely woman makes.

Here is Gregory making one of his own.


Linda said...

I've never heard of a cow tongue taco. Don't think I would have tried it either. Cute kid.

Greg Pflug said...

what a handsome boy

Kimberly said...

Cow tongue tacos sound creepy! My neck hairs are standing on end just thinking about it! ~chills~