Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a Mad World.

Do you watch Mad Men on AMC? I have Megan promising to tape it for me when the new season begins this month. I went to to the Mad Men web site and vintage- fied myself....which bears a remarkable resemblance to how I really dress.

And here is Brewier showing up at an audition, ready to bribe the girls with a donut.

Though I like this background better because you can see just how much this icon looks like him.

Sarah was over the other day and we had the wine, cheese and chocolate party we've been waiting a year and a half for. True, we did do some of this via web cam, but in person is a lot more fun.When she left for home she took almost half of my yard sale decorating inventory, for a bedroom she is redecorating for a client. (Yes Sarah, we can call them clients even when they are our friends.) What ever she doesn't use, she is bringing back to me for the sale.

Today as I was organizing the mess in my studio, I came across a lone black fish net stocking, behind my sewing machine. I have no idea why it was there or where its mate is, but when Brewier saw it on my leg he perked up and suggested I really should try to find the other one.


hilltopper said...

you should have put the brewier on a green background, then he would look like he was on a greenscreen.

Greg Pflug said...

i believe the stocking is Gators, left over from his princess days.

reneenix said...

I thought your fb profile pic was a painting by megan of you!