Saturday, July 25, 2009

I See Things.

Which is why I picked the title,"Daily Observations," when I started this blog nearly seven years ago. Orlando never lacks for interesting people. For instance, take this gentleman. I spotted him while leaving the grocery store.

Maybe he was waiting for his wife to get her nails done?

And then there was this guy, trying to give the impression of being oh so cool as he zipped in and out of traffic like he was on a Harley, posing and trying to look tough while talking on his cell phone at the stop light.
Dude! You're on a scooter, wearing a lime green t shirt, white deck shoes and...capris! ? You are so not a bad ass.

Just in case the gangs hanging out around the building, graffiti and gun shots ringing out at night don't give it away, this barber shop tells it like it is.


Linda said...

I think always carrying a camera makes you more alert to things like that. Not to mention having a blog.

Greg Pflug said...

my kinda town.

Vickie said...

too funny!!

hilltopper said...

had to LOL at the guy in the capris! and i dont believe that you took the top pic in FL, the guy has no shirt on, therefore he must be in KY. hmm, as a matter of fact he looks suspiciously like one of the guys who came in to order a sign sans shirt.