Monday, July 13, 2009

I Blame Facebook

for my lack of posting, its so much easier than blogging. So I've been home less than a week, and in that time I've made a 2 day trip to Tampa, went shopping with Jessica and bought a new dress and a couple of shirts, had a sleepover with Sarah, met Vickie and Cory for coffee, attended the 23rd World Wide Sketch Crawl, visited with Renee and got a haircut, had my brother Greg along with Sam and Gator over here twice and restocked my refrigerator and pantry. I've also done a lot of laundry and cleaning, so yeah, it's been a great week.

I took this photo of Megan at Lake Eola, during the Sketch Crawl. Doesn't the background look like a set, or a painted back drop?

Here is Tom Thorspecken's sketch of some of the artists at the sketch crawl.

My blurry photo of the same scene.

While at Jessica's, Brewier would hold Kate and have her chase Addison all over the house. Both girls would squeal and laugh with delight at this.


Amy said...

I LOVE the photo of Brewier with the girls! I agree with you about Facebook, I far prefer blogs to Facebook but it is so much easier to do a status update than a blog post.

Sarah said...

Yes... Facebook is turning our cyber-lives upside down! It's so hard to keep up with both, and Facebook is just easier. Ugh. But thanks for the photos. And for the record, THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE YOU!! But I love the sketch otherwise.

Anonymous said...

That picture makes me excited for having 2 kids...lately I've been more scared than excited!

Vickie said...

next time we get together I'll have to sketch you so you can see how much prettier you really look in a drawing!