Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My kitchen and bathrooms are clean, the floors are mopped and my laundry in done. I'm tired and since I no longer have cable tv, which I thought I could live without , but miss terribly, I'm spending my resting time online, reading blogs, shallow gossip sites and watching videos. Brewier sent me a link to this music video made entirely from web cams. I suggest watching the entire thing as it is truly amazing.


Just say Julie said...

That's pretty sweet! I love the photo taking part! I have been spending way too much time watching hulu late at night.

Vickie said...

I like that. Sorry about the dog the other day. Hope your toe's ok. We'll have to plan you coming over when the paint fumes have died down and the dogs are in crates and Jesse's at work.

Sarah said...

That was so cool! It gives me a headache trying to even imagine choreographing such a complicated thing. Who knew that there would ever be such a thing as web cam art? So fun! Thanks for sharing.