Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Week.

I am so overwhelmed with photos that I don't know where to start with blogging about what I've down, so I'll start with yesterday. I met Monica at the coffee shop for a latte, then we walked down to the farmers market. This is the the brige you have to drive over to get to Madison. Its really narrow, and every other bridge built by this engineer has collapsed. I think about that every time I drive (really fast,) across it.

The Ohio River. Yes, I took this out the side window while I was driving really fast across the bridge.

The Madison farmers market.

Mundts candy shop..its been featured twice on the Food Network.

Along the river walk are brick paths and some of the bricks are engraved, mostly with names. This brick is my favorite though.

Don't you love it? What a great way to pop the question.


Jessica said...

I hate driving across that bridge - it's scary!

The sweet shop looks so fun, have I been in there before a LONG time ago?

mrsmouthy said...

What if she said no??!

Tricia said...

Mrsmouthy, Thats the first thing I thought when I saw the brick!