Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Fact Wednesday Monday.

Two posts in one day? What can I say? Its a rainy day and I'm at my brother's house with high speed internet. So my random fact today is: I am a chronic under-packer, I hate excess baggage...I once went to Dallas for a three day conference and my only piece of luggage was a small gym bag. For my trip to Ky for 10 days I packed two pairs of shorts, 3 tshirts, a pair of cargo pants, and a couple nicer shirts. Sounds good except that it has been getting pretty darn hot here and I'm living in my, (now too tight,) shorts and tshirts. Imagine my intrigue when I heard about a woman wearing the same dress, (seven identical dress's,) everyday for a year. Of course she is doing some major accessorizing , and lets faceit, everything looks cute when you're young and thin. But check it out at The Uniform Project.

2 comments: said...

cool idea. i want her cute accessories!

Vickie said...

I like this idea too, save money, have fun with the extras. You have to write more!! Miss you!!