Monday, June 29, 2009

More Photos From the Past Week.

Sorry, couldn't really think of a catchy title....and despite being busier and healthier that I am at home, there isn't a whole lot of exciting stuff to post about. I thought about doing a post with some photos about how so many of the men in KY walk around shirtless, but just as I won't damage your psyche with pictures of all the 300+ pound women in bikinis on the beach, I will not post pics of the shirtless men in KY. Nobody should have to see that.
Last night I went to Monica's for dinner, and this is what greeted me at the door. She put all the scented candles from her house into a jar and drew a skull and cross bones for it. Its called the jar of death. Its nice when you meet someone who has the same weird sense of humor as you.

Monica made us grilled quesadillas for dinner. This was her first attempt at grilling and it was quite successful. I did have to laugh at her trying to light the grill though. The electric starter is broken so she had to turn the gas on, and then would light matches and through them in, but because she was standing a "safe" distance from the grill, the matches would go out in flight.

This is General Butler State Park, where I went to drink my coffee one morning. Alone. Which Brewier pointed out probably isn't the safest thing to do.

Here is a better view. That's the Ohio River in the background.

This amazing sunset was from a few nights ago.

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Danville to visit my Mom and brother.


hilltopper said...

that is a bee-you-tee-ful sunset!

why am i grilling in my church clothes? *insert quizzical look here*

Jessica said...

Haha! I love the jar for the candles!

Sarah said...

Definitely love the jar of death!! So funny... But enough of the gorgeous scenery and fun friends. I'm getting quite scared that you're never coming home. This does not do good things for my psyche. But I figure that as long as Florida has your granddaughters, I'm bound to see you eventually. :-) And now I will grudgingly admit that I'm happy for you to have beautiful views, fun friends and that you can breathe. All good things for sure...

mrsmouthy said...

I love Monica's skirt!

When my pregnancy symptoms start showing up (i.e. hating all smells everywhere), I always have my sister come over to banish my house of all candles everywhere.

I think it's funny when I go to someone's house and they know I'm sensitive to smells so they light a candle to get the cooking smells out. Barf-o-rama! Does that happen to you?

iphotographu said...

Love, love, love the sunset! One of my favorite things and they are a FREE gift from God!