Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life with My Mother in Law.

The road to her house:

The view from the front porch:

and the back porch:

I love all the trees and things but wish there was somewhere I could walk; I'm a bit restless being in the house with her every evening. I used to walk the road in front of her house, but its heavily traveled now by cars and trucks going about 60mph and straddling the double yellow line.

I found a place that has soft serve ice cream and took her out for a cone one evening.... she was giddy over that adventure, and no, I'm not being sarcastic, she was giggling about going out for ice cream.

This is my absolutely favorite meal that she fixes. Pinto beans, corn bread and fried potatoes, (vegetables are rarely seen in this house.) We eat this a couple of nights a week which makes me really thankful that my MIL is slightly deaf and no longer has a sense of smell :)

This table sits by her front door. I asked her what the silver things were. They're rocks she wrapped in foil. Um, ok. What are they for? To keep the table from blowing away. (Except that the table is only holding the rocks that keep it from blowing away......its a different world.


Sarah said...

When you come home I will make you my veggie soup - you can get your month's allotment of vegetables all in one meal! That last photo is hilarious... While I get the idea of the rocks, why wrap them in tin foil? Rocks look so cool in their natural state! Then it could be a shelf full of lovely rocks... What's the pointy colorful thing on top next to the ash tray?

Tricia said...

I know! I asked her about the foil, and she said she just thought they should be wrapped, and I'm thinking, What? To protect them from the weather??

HopiQ said...

That Correll plate? My mom still has some of her set my dad bought her when they got married. It's what we used growing up.

The rocks look like giant baked potatoes. :)

Jenn said...

That is so sweet. How can you not love her?

hilltopper said...

i already heard the sense of smell joke, and i laughed again anyway!!!

she does look very happy about the ice cream. and i see she had chocolate, good choice.

mrsmouthy said...

What a character!