Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Great American Brass Band Festival.

This year saw the 20th anniversary of the festival, and I was so excited to be able to attend. I think the last one I was at was 16-17 years ago. Brass bands from all over the country come and preform; Saturday was the Brass band parade.

There is a little red wagon contest for the kids. This is my nephew Gavin in his wagon/swimming pool. Before leaving the house he was trying to fill the pool with ice cubes and water from the refrigerator door. Joining him were my brother Ken, (see, I didn't say Kenny Boy!) My SIL Stephanie and my niece, Erin.

Miss Kentucky was there pulling a wagon also. Isn't that a cool pirate ship?

This was my favorite band, The Sidewalk Stompers from Indianapolis, IN.

Vickie, I took this pic just for you. Now that you don't drive a big rig, I could totally see you zipping around in one of these

In the evening on the grounds of Centre College was the Great American Picnic. Bands performed until 11pm.

Shortly after eating our Subway sandwich picnic, Stephanie went home to rest and Ken, Gavin and I drove around the countryside. Before going home we stopped and raided Mom's refrigerator for chocolate cake which we ate on top of the parking garage, while watching the sun set. It was such a fun day, and I love being able to get out and do things. My level of health is SO much better here. I guess my Dr is right about me needing to get out of Florida.


georgia b. said...

great photo of that church. it's a beautiful building!

i love brass bands. they remind me of all the parades that were in my hometown growing up—on the historic square in woodstock, illinois {where groundhog day was filmed}. great shots! looks like fun.

Jessica said...

I've taken pictures from the top of that parking garage!

I'm so glad you finally updated, I keep checking. :) Keep having lots of fun!

Darla said...

Having come from Indiana I am so freaking jealous right now. I love those kind of festivals. I am so glad you are up there and can breathe.

Vickie said...

Sounds fun!! Cute truck. I'm glad you're getting out more and having a good time!

Greg Pflug said...

Miss Kentucky looks like Jessica.
I suggest staying in Kentucky until October. I'll pick you up at the Forkland Festival.

marissa said...

oh looks so fun

TThornburg said...
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TThornburg said...

Very nice photos. You make me homesick, though I have never been to the Festival. I remember buying pretty much everything at the Hub Frankel as a kid (at least partly located where that parking deck is). Thanks for sharing.