Monday, May 18, 2009

Time with Gregory.

He'd been wanting to spend the night at my house for ages, and Saturday night it finally happened. We started the evening out by cutting down some palm trees that we lost to a rare two night freeze. These were my favorite trees and both Brewier and I are still mourning the loss. Gregory on the other hand thought it was great, since I gave him a saw and told him to go to town on them.

After the trunks were cut down I started digging up the roots, unearthing the roaches that live there as well as in the mulch. I had to stop digging so Gregory could catch and befriend the critters. I stood far away while he did that.

Making art runs in the family. While I was showering Gregory gathered art supplies, (tape, a hanger, hibiscus bloom and sticks,) and set up a studio on the front porch.
He told me I could buy anything he made for 55 cents. When I agreed to purchase something the price was raised to $1.

I gave him 55 cents and bought this hanging decoration.

Gregory loved this picture of himself touching the clouds.


mrsmouthy said...

He's quite the savvy businessman!

Sarah said...

And it appears that you are quite the savy customer.

hilltopper said...

ewwww, i HATE the roaches that live in he mulch i cant even look at one of those water roaches without getting the creepies.

nice natural art piece that gregory made though. and what a bargain.

Greg Pflug said...

Thanks for keeping him busy while I'm gone.
I again, have found the perfect place for you to relocate during the summer, truckee California.