Friday, May 01, 2009

The Spanker Machine.

A game invented by nephew Sam, where I chase he and Gregory around the house with a wooden spoon, threatening to spank them if I catch them. They LOVE this and ask to play it every time they're at my house. I'm certain it must be psychologically damaging somehow.

I had already picked up all the toys, and folded the sheets and blankets that were strewn about the room before thinking," I should take a picture of what my house looks like after eight hours with two little boys." What you can't see in the photo is all the popcorn and other bits of food all over the floor. It only took two beers and two hours to get my house back to normal.


hilltopper said...

fun day! this is what my house looks like EVERY DAY!!!the boy has this wonderful thing he likes to do where i clean up and move to the next room while he goes to the first room and makes it 5 times worse than what i just cleaned up.

its how i keep my girlish figure.uh, that and coffee

Anonymous said...

What is it with pillows? I could throw away every toy in the house, but as long as I kept the pillows my kid wouldn't even notice.

Sarah said...

That is too funny! When we move back, let's see what adding a third boy to the ruckus will do... Pass me a beer and I'll help with the cleanup. :-)