Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seriously, Who Else Does This Happen To?

I was driving down Aloma Ave in heavy traffic and notice the car in front of me swerve around a lump in the road. Because I had cars on either side of me I had to go over the enormous lump, which turned out to be a large department store plastic bag, crammed full of more plastic bags; obviously someones recycling that blew into the road. My car is a Miata, and sits probably less than 6 inches from the pavement, so when I glanced into my rear view mirror and didn't see any bags in the road, I knew they were stuck under my car. It took a couple of miles before I could pull over and try and remove this gigantic ball of plastic which by this time had melted and become one with my car. Now to most people this would be an smelly annoyance, in my case it is a life or death situation. Plastic is a petrochemical, I am extremely sensitive and have allergic reactions to petrochemicals...melting plastic stuck to the bottom of my car is baaaaad. I headed to my Dr's office and by the time I got there, (with windows rolled up and no ventilation in the car,) I had lost my voice and was having trouble breathing. I was hooked up to an IV and was given a remedy and feel ok now, but I can't drive my car. Brewier had to come a switch out cars with me just so I could go home. The thing is, this is the second time this has happened to me. The first time we were in our full size, high off the road van. And now, again! Seriously, has this happened to anyone else?

In non whiney news, we are having the most delicious weather. It couldn't be any nicer out. It is perfection. (I always think of Chandler Bing when I say that.) Here is a pic of Greg, Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Shirley, at Leu Gardens yesterday. Today, they are back in cold and rainy PA.


hilltopper said...

glad youre ok! will the plastic ball come off or do you have to never ride in it ever again?

Anonymous said...

You're a medical wonder, Tricia! Glad you've got people keeping you alive. :)