Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's Still There.

To those of you who I whined to about having my root canal-ed tooth pulled: Its still there. I chickened out and have decided to first take care of two cracked teeth. Who knew orthodontics could cause so many problems later in life. On the up side, the dentist I go to is in Clearwater, so after my appointment we went and visited Jessica and the was involved.
Today has flown by, first a visit from my mom, (who brought me some yummy McDonalds coffee,) then Gregory came over for the afternoon, though he prefers I call him, "Sir Gregory the bravest knight in the world." We crafted, watched a movie and of course played knight and princess.

Crafting with carrots. This was his idea and kept him busy for 45 minutes.

Gregory and the necklace he made for his mom.


Sarah said...

Well... I'm glad you're ok. I've been worried. Is the tooth pulling still going to happen at some point?

Sarah said...

... because I've noticed that it's like pulling teeth to, um, pull your teeth. (so sorry - I could NOT resist that.)

Liz said...

Hope you're doing better. NOTHING is worse than teeth problems. Except maybe gallstones. Then again, they could be a tie. :)

Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you were able to come visit us!

Anonymous said...

I love that you know a boy who crafts. I've been feeling a little blue lately that I'm not going to have a girl to craft with, but all I need is for my next boy to be just like Gregory!