Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope yours was wonderful. Mine was pretty good other than Brewier running a temp and being in bed sick all day. I got up early to try and attend an 8am outdoor service at Lake Eola. I drove all over downtown trying to find a parking spot but had no luck, it was packed... not to mention that the air around the lake was thick with perfume and aftershave. Oh well. I drove over to Greg and Melissa's and had coffee with them while Gator shared his Easter bunny and candy with me. He also gave me a Bahamian $1 bill, "Just in case you go there sometime."
After my visit I headed over to Megan and Matthews. Matthew was still asleep so Megan and I had coffee together as well as donuts, bacon and home made fries. Eclectic but delicious.
I arrived home around 12:30 to an exhausted and ill husband....he looked really bad. He asked me if I wanted an Easter bunny this year, (Because he has made me an Easter basket every year since we've been married. I told him no, I didn't need one this year. He then handed me my basket, containing Easter grass and a note that said, "Happy Easter." "I forgot all about Easter," he told me, "So I rode my bike to Albertsons this morning to buy you some Easter candy and they were out of all the good stuff, so all I have is this basket full of love."
That works. No wonder he looked so bad.

Late in the afternoon I went over to Mark and Darlene's, where all our major holidays are celebrated, and as always, we brought the water balloon shooter.

Our targets.

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Anonymous said...

Brewier is either really sweet or really sly. As he was on his deathbed, I'm leaning toward really sweet. Awwwww!