Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Blogging Blahs.

I just haven't felt like blogging.... I feel dull and uninspired, despite the fact I've been busier than usual, and have had a really fun weekend. So here is a quick recap of the past three days.

My father's two sisters are here from Pa for a visit. It's been great; I haven't seen them in ages! (Aunt Shirley, Aunt Phyllis, Jessica, me, holding Kate, my mom)

Jessica, Ray and the girls were here, as was Megan, so they could visit with the aunts as well. Jess hadn't seen my aunt Phyllis since she was eight! Here are my girls hanging out in my bed this morning.

While admiring the fountain, Addison took the opportunity to dump in her bottle of bubbles. Cool.

We've been having the most beautiful weather, so I've spent most of my time sitting on the lanai, drinking coffee and re-reading, "The Time Travelers Wife."

Brewier and I had a picnic here one afternoon. You can't see them, but the trees are FULL of heron and their nests, crowded with baby birds.


Georgia B. said...

sounds like three wonderful days, if you ask me!

i love your new blog design!

Jane said...

I was thinking about re-reading that book too!

We are such kindred spirits.

Sarah said...

Who wants to blog when you're having that much fun! I'm so glad you had a great weekend. :-) said...

i read that as "the trees are FULL of heroin" and was really confused for a moment.

Darla said...

That last picture looks like some place in Winter Park that we took my dad to when he got married at our house for Wedding pictures.

Keith said...

Megan is not alone! I thought it said "full of heroin" too!